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Our Mission:
A new generation in the view of sustainability

Patch System is a quality certification, as a guarantee of manufacturing know-how for a new formula of cold bituminous conglomerate.

It is a revolutionary system that represents an absolute innovation in Italy. It does not exist in our Country a controlling system of the production, as well as a quality certification in the cold bituminous conglomerate world. Patch System is the result of the passion of who since many years has been operating in the field and believes in the importance of a constant research and in the quality, in order to enrich the product and offer new innovative solutions in terms of security and sustainability of our roads. The key elements, a novelty of the Patch System project, are related to the environment sustainability in the production process and the know-how of the people involved.
The sustainability. The respect of the environment is a well-known purpose and has to be assimilated if we want to deliver a livable planet to the future generations. The model of development used until today, based on producing processes without any control for the atmospheric emissions, has generated the “greenhouse phenomenon” and a progressive quality deterioration of the air we breathe, in particular in the big urban centers, where the situation is worse due to the pollution caused by exhaust gas of the autos. Since few years, anyway, the most important organizations have been supporting the protection of the environment, have emphasized the need to change the above model of development, got over just because it is not in favor of the sustainability. Patch System totally agree with this urgency and the sustainability represents the base of its vision. This is the reason why the cold bituminous conglomerate marked Patch System, as a result of a particular scientific research carried out in lab, is manufactured with crushed materials coming from demolition – and therefore already existing –that are carefully selected, analyzed and recycled. This grants a very low environment impact, unlike the traditional formula for the “hot” bituminous conglomerate, that uses as binder a bitumen based on the crude oil refining and produced through highly polluting systems.

Then, the processing features of cold paving help the environment preservation because there are no toxic fume emissions (on the contrary they are present in the hot formula), giving anyway a high result typically granted until today only by the hot products.


Pay attention to the production process. The Patch system conglomerate formula, mainly “green” because coming from the usage of recycling materials, requests a particular manufacturing process, that is different from the method used for the other cold conglomerates. Patch System uses a system based on exclusive technology, studied, realized and dedicated to the recycling material processing. In this picture, the commitment for Patch System is to carefully select the most efficient manufacturing sites, that have to be able to modify the existing machines in order to meet with the “Patch System” requirements. All this is finalized to reach a very high product , very keen to the sustainability project and certificated in respect to the raw materials used and the manufacturing process tested in lab.